Ninja Kids

Ninja Kids is a non-competitive class focusing on how to stay safe in everyday activities, sports, and emergency situations where the child may be bullied or attacked. The basics of striking, kicking, katas, techniques, and Japanese vocabulary relevant to a solid foundation in martial arts are all covered. Real weapons are not permitted in the Dojo. Some of the training is taught through the form of games, incorporating life values while keeping it fun. There are no tournaments or trophies, thereby eliminating competition that often has a negative impact on learning. The underlying philosophy is to avoid and escape all dangerous situations, and stay in control of your physical and emotional space. If a child is forced into a fight, the goal is to stay calm and end the situation with an appropriate response.

Advantages and benefits of our kids’ martial arts classes:

Japanese Vocabulary

Counting in Japanese

1 - ichi
2 - ni
3 - san
4 - shi
5 - go
6 - roku
7 - shichi
8 - hachi
9 - kyu
10 - ju

Parts of the Body

Ashi - Leg; foot
Atama - Head
Me - Eye
Ear - Mimi
Hand - Te


Bo - 6 foot staff
Bokken - Wooden sword
Hanbo - 3 foot staff
Jo - 4 foot staff
Tanto - Knife

Parts of the Uniform

Do-gi - Martial arts uniform; pants and jacket
Obi - Belt
Tabi - Split-toe shoe


Aruki - Walk
Henka - Technique variation
Kamae - Stance; position
Kata - A set form of movements to teach a technique
Keri - Kick
Taijutsu - Body arts
Taisabaki - Body movement
Tobi - Jump
Ukemi - Injury prevention; rolling and breakfall techniques
Waza - Technique

General Vocabulary

Bujinkan - "Divine Warrior Training Hall"
Buyu - "Warrior Friends"
Dan - Black belt grade
Dojo - Training hall; martial arts school
Kunoichi - A female Ninja
Kyu - Below black belt grade
Ninja - A person who studies Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu - The martial art of the Ninja
Sensei - Teacher
Soke - GrandMaster


Hajime - Begin
Mate - Wait
Yame - Stop Direction and Movement
Chu - Middle
Ge - Low
Hidari - Left
Koho - Back; rear
Migi - Right
Omote - Open; obvious
Shita - Down
Ue - Up
Ura - Closed; hidden
Ushiro - Back; rear
Mae - Front
Zenpo - Forward direction